吉澤 究 Sadam Yoshizawa

Born in February of 1979. Resides in the city of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. Produces countless illustrations utilizing crosshatching and pointillism. Up until now his work has focused on creating artworks mainly for skateboard companies, as well as clothing brands and shops.Currently works both in Japan and overseas. Sadam continuously produces original works and regularly exhibits in both solo and group shows.

Through the process of daily sketching, Sadam pushes himself to constantly search for new techniques and methods of self-expression, a philosophy that bears a direct relation to his artworks.




2023.09 “iii” Group exhibition @ JOINT harajuku in Tokyo.
2022.08 “12AP” Group exhibition @ ARRA GALLERY in Bangkok.
2020.11 ART EXHIBITION 2020 @ Noie sendai Miyamachi in Sendai.
2019.05 思いは細部に宿る @ OOMACHI GALLERY in Fukushima.
2018.04 思いは細部に宿る @ OOMACHI GALLERY in Fukushima.
2017.07 我画展 @ HHH gallery
2016.06 TRK(TH) and Sadam Yoshizawa’s(JP) Art Exhibition. @ GOJA in Bangkok.
2016.04 イラストレーション展 @ Furai-dou in Tokyo.
2016.01 SADAM YOSHIZAWA 原画展 @ Skateboard shop Bridge in Sendai.
2015.11 SHELDAM @ SHELTER.B1 soace in Kobe.
2015.11 Kiki humanmonochrome x Sadam Yoshizawa Exhibition. “絵と写真の原画展” @  PRIVILEGE in Tokyo.
2015.08 LABORATORY @ LIGHT SOURCE in Sendai.
2015.06 MONOCHROME @ HHH Gallery in Tokyo.
2015.04 Sadam Yoshizawa Art Show 2015 @ Mono Sekai Gallery in Osaka.
2014.02 SADAM原画展 @ Skateboard shop Bridge in Sendai.
2014.01 GOJA soft opening group exhibition “Paintbox Vol.1” @ GOJA Gallery in Bangkok.
2014.01 SADAM原画展 @ Skateboard shop Bridge in Sendai.
2013.12 ”Winter Eternal” Group art show @ The Pretty Pretty Collective in San Francisco.
2013.11 Sadam, Yossie, UCAN 三人展 “三つ巴” @ HOLON gallery in Sendai.
2013.10 FTC presents SADAM art exhibition @ FTC Sendai in Sendai.
2013.09 CORPSE CORPS presents Group Illustrative Exhibition. “LET’S SMOKE SOME BEERS” @ TEMP art space in New York.
2013.01 SADAM原画展 @ holon gallery in Sendai.
2012.11 SADAM原画展 @ JSTANOTHERSPACE in Tokyo.
2012.10 SADAM展”ON AND ON” @ Black Dallas in Tokyo.
2011.12 SADAM原画展 @ LIGHT SOURCE in Sendai.
2009.12 SADAM展 VOL.2 @ BIRDLAND SENDAI in Sendai.
2009.07 SADAM x KAZ.「空展」 @ BIRDLAND SENDAI in Sendai.
2009.04 SADAM展 @ BIRDLAND SENDAI in Sendai.
2008.11 LIVE FOR GRIND @ NO.12 GALLERY in Tokyo.
2008.02 Timing is everything @ The Ghetto “百 Gallry” in Tokyo.
2007.08 I-GI-NA-RI @ 和 in Sendai.